Sunday, November 28, 2010

Craft #4: Tinsel Glass Ornament

Christmas time is full of lights, glitter and things that sparkle and shine :) This ornament is very sparkly and easy to do and involves one of my favorite things, TINSEL!  Not only is it simple to make but cheap too! Hope you guys like it!

Things You Will Need:

Tinsel *I got mine at the Dollar Store, a whole lot of it for just a buck!
Glass Ornaments
Glitter Alphabet Stickers (Optional, $1.99 for a pack at Michael's)
Ribbon (Optional)
Thin Pencil

Step-By-Step How To:
Supplies!  I would recommend using a 12"-14" piece of tinsel for a medium sized glass ornament. It's up to you how much you want to fill it up. 

Take the cap off the ornament.

Poke the tinsel inside the ornament with the pencil.

Put the cap back on.

Get some stickers and ribbon!

Tie the ribbon on the ornament.

Place the stickers on the center of the ornament.  I spelled out some common holiday words but you can also put someones initials on there to personalize it.

That's it! Easy enough right!?


  1. So fun! I am so going to make ornaments this year!!

  2. I made the tinsel ornaments! I got really small alphabet stickers by accident though lol!

  3. That's so cool! They probably still turned out awesome though!