Thursday, April 25, 2013

Five Things Friday

I've been really into cookies lately and potato chips!! It's terrible I know but once in a while it's nice to reward yourself with things you don't normally eat :)  Anyway, today's FTF is all about cookies!

1.  I LOVE (love/hate) cookies.  Ever since I was little I was a cookie monster!! My mom would even call me that sometimes because that's all I ever wanted to eat, that and cereal, more specifically frosted flakes.

2.  I hate cookies that are savory.  I like my cookies sweet!!

3. My favorite cookies at the moment are sugar cookies with chocolate chips or sprinkles on top!  I cannot tell you how much I love sprinkles on sugar cookies.  I like to roll the dough in sprinkles prior to baking, I love how the sprinkles get sweet and candy like once they bake.

4.  I like to eat my cookies with milk or tea!  I dislike drinking them with water, I think it just makes the cookies taste weird.

5.  The best time of day to eat cookies is in the morning for breakfast!!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week are these printable animal finger puppets!  They are so cute, especially the snake!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Things Friday

Last week I was at the annual Drosophila Conference in Washington DC. Those few days went at quite a different pace from being in the lab, but it was an interesting and good experience, and it was cool to visit a city with so much history. This week's FTF has somewhat related blanks:

1. I somewhat dislike (like/dislike) traveling, and I'd rather go by car (car/plane/other). I am admittedly a little provincial in that I don't like straying very far from Oregon, and the only sort of traveling I really do like is going on road trips. I hate planes, and every time I'm at the airport about to go on a flight, I always have these fleeting, irrational thoughts about just bailing and not going wherever I'm supposed to go!

2. My work usually doesn't (does/doesn't) require traveling. My boss goes to a few conferences in different cities/countries every year, but this year is the first time I went to one with her. It's expensive and we usually don't have funding for it!

4. Something I always forget to bring when traveling is floss, for some reason! Although this time I actually remembered it, but then I ran out!

3. Something historic/famous about the place I live in is I guess the big deal people make about Corvallis is the fact that Linus Pauling once went to OSU. Also, I heard somewhere that salsa dancing is big here, or maybe a particular salsa dancing group is famous in Corvallis?

5. A tourist hotspot of my town is besides for the university, people often visit one of the local pizza places, American Dream Pizza, especially since apparently Obama ate there when he visited Corvallis once.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this colorful spaghetti! I kind of want to make some now haha!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Things Friday

My friend recently gifted me a game for my iphone called "10000000", it has a funny name an even more bland looking icon but I gotta say that the game is awesome and highly addictive!! I can't stop playing it!! Every free moment I have I find myself wanting to play the game.  It has fun music while you are playing that just motivates you to keep going.  Anyway if you guys haven't heard of it you should check it out!!  So today's FTF is all about games, here goes:
That's the 10000000 icon up there!
1.  My favorite computer game as a kid was Treasure Mountain.  AND IT WAS AWESOME!  I think that's where my love of math came from, you would have to do different math problems in order to get the treasures and climb up the moutain, it was great.  I also really liked the game caves! ha!  Old school games on those big old disk, those were the days!

2.  My first video game ever was super mario bros for the original nintendo, I remember when my parents gave us that gift for Christmas we were all so ecstatic about it!

3.  I am just plain old okay bad/okay/awesome at playing video games.  I get too anxious, I think my lack of coordination really comes out during video games haha!

4.  My favorite game currently is 10000000, of course!! I totally gave that away at the beginning :)

5.  Let's step away from technology for a bit...My favorite board game is Life.  I think it's so fun at the end of the game when you get to flip over all your little tiles and find out what you accomplished in your life!

** My favorite thing from around the web this week is this DIY Zen board, who knew all you needed was magic calligraphy paper!
Have a great weekend everyone :)