Monday, December 30, 2013

What does the fox say?

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Last night I could not get the song "The Fox" by Ylvis out of my head!  I kept humming it and even got my husband to watch the video.  For those of you who haven't watched it, click here

Warning: You will most likely have this song stuck in your head for the whole day!

P.S. How cute is that fox print?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you have a special day full love alongside all of your loved ones :). Here are some fun links to browse through if you happen to have a bit of down time today!

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Five Things Friday

Sorry this post is a little late but this week has been so confusing!  Days off in the middle of the week always mess with my schedule but I welcome them all the same :)  Lately I've been seeing a lot of news articles that deal with e-mail habits and what they say about your personality.  They analyze all sorts of things like if you respond to e-mails immediately, how many unread messages you have in your inbox, how organized your inbox is, how many e-mails you send out per day, what content you are e-mailing, and the list goes on!  Today researchers want to analyze everything and everything, which brings us to today's FTF which is all about your mail habits!
1.  I prefer to respond to my e-mails throughout the day (immediately/throughout the day/when I feel like it/never), I guess it really depends what the message is about and who I am responding too.  If it's something I can leave off for a day or two I will but if it's something that needs immediate attention I respond immediately or at least within the same day.

2.  I do not like (like/don't like) to have any unread messages in my inbox, I HATE IT!!   I need to delete them or mark them as read asap!!

3.  I am (am/am not) an e-mail hoarder.  I admit it, I am a digital file hoarder.  I can't seem to delete anything because I feel that at some point I will reference that 10 year old file or e-mail, it's a disease I tell ya!

4.  It's more exciting getting snail mail (an e-mail/snail mail),  I get e-mails all day, everyday, but snail mail is special, it's so sporadic and tangible I love it!

5.  The longest I have been without checking my e-mail has been 3-4 days and this only happens when I'm out of the country where I have limited or no internet access!!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this article on Professor Snape Doing Ordinary Things. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Five Things Friday

I can't believe it's already almost July! Summer will be in full swing pretty soon. Here are some blanks to start off your Friday:

1. Some scents I like are citrus and coconut and my favorite perfume is right now I am liking "Ribbon" by Mariah Carey and "Curious" by Britney.

2. Some smells that remind me of summer are elephant ears (from summer festivals/fairs), bbq smoke, and chlorine from swimming pools.

3. A smell that other people seem to like that I don't is new car smell! It makes me feel a little carsick after a while!

4. If someone was super smelly would you tell them? Not unless they were a close friend!

5. I would totally buy an air freshener that smelled like Jo-Ann stores. I love the craft store smell lol!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this cool illustration. I never knew how to do any cool shadow puppets and in addition to that being a neat poster, it would be cool to try these!

Have a splendid weekend everyone!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Things Friday

These days all I have on my mind is work and all the stuff I still need to do for my upcoming wedding.  Definitely starting to feel overwhelmed but I can't wait for my wedding day to get here so I can finally relax and see everything I've worked for come together!  I'm sure once it's all over I will find myself with a ton of free time and I can't wait!  Today's post is a bit random, it's about what we do in the shower.....

1.  I usually shower in the morning (morning, afternoon, night, whenever) because it makes me feel like my day is beginning.  I work from home, so keeping up with this morning routine really helps me start my work day at a certain time each day.

2.  I sometimes (always, sometimes, never) sing in the shower.  Why is it that we all sound 100x better singing in the shower??? 

3.  When I'm in the shower I always think about all the things I need to do and how I'm going to do them.  If I have to call someone, have a meeting or need to send out an email I will go through what I will say/write. 

4.  I use liquid (liquid or bar) soap in the shower!  I have both and sometimes I use them both because I just really like soap but I prefer liquid soap!  Mostly because I really like using a bath sponge and the liquid soap works way better with it!

5.  I like to shower with hot (hot/warm/cold) water because I just like the heat!! I only like hot water on my body though, if I'm washing my hair and face I will turn down the temperature to luke warm water. 

**My favorite thing from around the web this week this Mexican Inspired Dinner, it's complete with recipes and DIYs on how to make tortillas, strawberry margarita cupcakes, cutout placemats and drink flags!! Too cute!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Five Things I Love About My Dad

Seeing as I forgot to do Five Things Friday, mostly because I was out of town, I thought that to make up for it I would do a "Five Things I Love About My Dad" post, seeing how it is Father's Day today and all :)

1.  He always believes in me.  Even at times when I have felt down on myself in school and work he has always been the one that pushes me forward.  He always believes in me even when I don't believe in myself.

2.  He is super dedicated.  This is one of the things I admire most about my Dad, he is so dedicated in everything he does it's really inspiring.

3.  He is super level headed.  My Dad always thinks things through and comes up with solutions to things in such a logical manner.  He rarely gets mad unless it's something super extreme!

4.  He is super humble.  With all of the things my Dad has achieve he continues to always be the same person.  I think this is one of the best lessons my Dad has taught me, is to always be humble :)

5.  He can always make me smile.  Even though some of his quirks make me mad sometimes, he always knows how to make me smile.  He does the silliest things sometimes :)

Happy Father's Day Dad!!

Thank you for inspiring me each and every day and believing in everything I do.  Love you, 


Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Things Friday

For the first week of June, we finally got some full-on summer weather that actually seems like it's lasting. Tell us about some things you like about summer in this week's blanks!

1. A great way to relax on a hot day is reading a book outside or cooling down in a pool/river!

2. My favorite foods for summer include anything BBQ'd, cold desserts, and watermelon!

3. Summer is the best season to surf, go floating, have picnics, and go to various festivals.

4. Sunny, warm days mean outfits that consist of fun shorts and cute comfy dresses!

5. This summer I plan on just doing all of the above...nothing too special or out of the ordinary planned this summer for me!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is how fun would it be to have a hanging bed for the summertime?!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Things Friday

Aren't you guys glad today really is Friday?  I was so confused yesterday thinking it was Friday, especially when TGIF pictures kept popping up on my instragram.  All day I felt I was checking the calendar to make sure it was still indeed Thursday and I wasn't being delusional.  Short work weeks always confuse me!  Anyway, recently a good friend of mine had a rock climbing accident and last night when I went out with her, her knee definitely looked a little off so she has to go in and get it checked.  Hopefully it isn't anything too terrible but this will be her second major injury.  So her injury prompted today's FTF theme, here goes:

1.  I have broken no bones, thankfully (knock on wood!).  I'm sure it must be painful!

2.  The worst injury I had as a kid was when I was in the 2nd I went on a field trip to the coast, we went to a rocky beach and I slipped and tried to hold on to a rock that was full of muscles!  My hand was totally butchered by the muscles, I had tons of slits.  I remember the teacher had to take me back to the school bus, open up the first aid kit and clean off my hand.  Other than that I had no major injuries, just the usual cuts and bruises!  I wasn't very rambunctious and didn't play any sports (I am extremely uncoordinated), I was a safe kid! 

3.  The worst injury I had as an adult is whiplash from a bad car accident!  I had to go to therapy for it and get some chiropractic work done.  Not to mention all the bruising I had, terrible I tell ya!

4. The worst thing about being injured is not being able to exercise! I love to exercise, so when I slightly hurt my knee or my back hurts and I can't workout it totally bums me out.  Especially in the summer time when I love to run outdoors and go on bike rides.

5.  The best part about being injured is the attention.  My parents and my fiancee totally spoil me :)

**My favorite things from around the web this week is this sloth journal, I'm totally getting this for work once my current notebook runs out!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Ten

Here are some fun links to start off your Tuesday! I hope all of you had a great memorial day weekend! The weather here in the PNW was kind of dreary but 3 days of no work were still much needed and relaxing nonetheless!  Here are some fun links to start off your week:

A perpetual desktop calendar.

This little piggy went to market on wheels!

A camping themed birthday

This app

If your dog could text,,,

A cloud cup for those gloomy days.

Some father's day ideas for those Do-It-Yourselfers out there!

The perfect piƱata for your summer soirees

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire teaser, I can't wait for this movie to come out!

Have you ever done this before?

Have a great start of the week everyone!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Things Friday

During our Florida trip, we played "Would You Rather" quite a lot, since we had to entertain ourselves somehow with all that plane riding! Here are some Would You Rather questions from the web for this week:

1. Would you rather live in Harry Potter's world, or live a life of fame and wealth? I would rather live in a Harry Potter world! What is fame and wealth compared to a little magic?!

2. Would you rather be fluent in all languages, or a master of every musical instrument? Hmm, that's kind of tough - I've always wanted to learn both more languages and instruments! I guess I would rather be able to play the instruments. I feel like that would provide a wider range of entertainment.

3. Would you rather have no one show up to your wedding, or your funeral? My funeral, I guess? I wouldn't even know, if I was dead! Or I would have outlived everyone I knew, maybe!

4. Would you rather be stuck for 5 hours in a broken elevator, or on a ski lift? A ski lift I suppose, since I would get very claustrophobic and bored in the elevator, but at least on the ski lift I'd have a view to look at...

5. Would you rather only be able to talk in a whisper, or only be able to shout? Whisper I guess, since always shouting would be really annoying.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is: Cakes that can talk!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Things Friday

I received the cutest moving announcement from my cousin earlier this week.  The postcard got me thinking about all the times that I've moved, hence today's FTF is all about moving!  

1.  I've moved about 8 times during my life.  Maybe more, but at least 8 times that I can fully remember. 

2.  The best part about moving is decoraring a new space!!  I can't wait to move into my house to start decorating!

3.  The worst part about moving is the uncertainty of it all but I guess it depends where you are moving to and who you are with!

4.  I wish I still lived in....oddly enough I like the small town I live in now. 

5.  A moving trick I have is I never fold the clothes in my closet. I always just pack them with the hanger since it makes it easier to unpack them later!!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is "Kitchen Nightmare's" episode with "Amy's Baking Company" it's sooo intense and ridiculous, definitely a must see!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Things Friday

Last week was a very exciting one, because us girls went on a short trip to Florida together! We visited Universal Studios (with Harry Potter World in mind especially - pictured below!) and Seaworld for our two days in Orlando. It was a wonderful time, and I can't wait for another chance to go on a trip together again!

This week's theme is vacations!

1. My favorite thing about vacations is besides for NOT working - seeing and experiencing new places and new things. This trip my friends made me go on roller coasters for the first time (which I have always been terrified of doing), and after some deliberation I decided I think I like them!

2. I like to get souvenirs that are clothes, since it's often hard to find other things that are actually useful. And it's not like I'd say no to some new clothes!

3. They should make a theme park with a  Lord of the Rings  theme next. They haven't made one already yet, have they? Everyone knows how much I love hobbits!

4. The best thing about being home again after a trip is taking a big long nap, and having a home-cooked meal!

5. Someplace I'd like to visit in the future is the Moab desert for a Syncro Solstice, where all the boxy-type VW vans get together (even if like ours, they aren't exactly Synrco 4x4s). It would be so cool to be amidst a herd of other VW vans and their doting owners!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is sort of along the travel theme here, this map shower curtain and this map duvet cover.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Five Things Friday

I've been really into cookies lately and potato chips!! It's terrible I know but once in a while it's nice to reward yourself with things you don't normally eat :)  Anyway, today's FTF is all about cookies!

1.  I LOVE (love/hate) cookies.  Ever since I was little I was a cookie monster!! My mom would even call me that sometimes because that's all I ever wanted to eat, that and cereal, more specifically frosted flakes.

2.  I hate cookies that are savory.  I like my cookies sweet!!

3. My favorite cookies at the moment are sugar cookies with chocolate chips or sprinkles on top!  I cannot tell you how much I love sprinkles on sugar cookies.  I like to roll the dough in sprinkles prior to baking, I love how the sprinkles get sweet and candy like once they bake.

4.  I like to eat my cookies with milk or tea!  I dislike drinking them with water, I think it just makes the cookies taste weird.

5.  The best time of day to eat cookies is in the morning for breakfast!!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week are these printable animal finger puppets!  They are so cute, especially the snake!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Things Friday

Last week I was at the annual Drosophila Conference in Washington DC. Those few days went at quite a different pace from being in the lab, but it was an interesting and good experience, and it was cool to visit a city with so much history. This week's FTF has somewhat related blanks:

1. I somewhat dislike (like/dislike) traveling, and I'd rather go by car (car/plane/other). I am admittedly a little provincial in that I don't like straying very far from Oregon, and the only sort of traveling I really do like is going on road trips. I hate planes, and every time I'm at the airport about to go on a flight, I always have these fleeting, irrational thoughts about just bailing and not going wherever I'm supposed to go!

2. My work usually doesn't (does/doesn't) require traveling. My boss goes to a few conferences in different cities/countries every year, but this year is the first time I went to one with her. It's expensive and we usually don't have funding for it!

4. Something I always forget to bring when traveling is floss, for some reason! Although this time I actually remembered it, but then I ran out!

3. Something historic/famous about the place I live in is I guess the big deal people make about Corvallis is the fact that Linus Pauling once went to OSU. Also, I heard somewhere that salsa dancing is big here, or maybe a particular salsa dancing group is famous in Corvallis?

5. A tourist hotspot of my town is besides for the university, people often visit one of the local pizza places, American Dream Pizza, especially since apparently Obama ate there when he visited Corvallis once.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this colorful spaghetti! I kind of want to make some now haha!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Things Friday

My friend recently gifted me a game for my iphone called "10000000", it has a funny name an even more bland looking icon but I gotta say that the game is awesome and highly addictive!! I can't stop playing it!! Every free moment I have I find myself wanting to play the game.  It has fun music while you are playing that just motivates you to keep going.  Anyway if you guys haven't heard of it you should check it out!!  So today's FTF is all about games, here goes:
That's the 10000000 icon up there!
1.  My favorite computer game as a kid was Treasure Mountain.  AND IT WAS AWESOME!  I think that's where my love of math came from, you would have to do different math problems in order to get the treasures and climb up the moutain, it was great.  I also really liked the game caves! ha!  Old school games on those big old disk, those were the days!

2.  My first video game ever was super mario bros for the original nintendo, I remember when my parents gave us that gift for Christmas we were all so ecstatic about it!

3.  I am just plain old okay bad/okay/awesome at playing video games.  I get too anxious, I think my lack of coordination really comes out during video games haha!

4.  My favorite game currently is 10000000, of course!! I totally gave that away at the beginning :)

5.  Let's step away from technology for a bit...My favorite board game is Life.  I think it's so fun at the end of the game when you get to flip over all your little tiles and find out what you accomplished in your life!

** My favorite thing from around the web this week is this DIY Zen board, who knew all you needed was magic calligraphy paper!
Have a great weekend everyone :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Things Friday

Since this Sunday is Easter, this week's blanks are likewise about Easter!

1. I usually celebrate Easter by making a ham for dinner, and sometimes dyeing eggs.

2. This year for Easter I am dyeing eggs!

3. Chocolate eggs or marshmallow bunnies? The cadbury eggs are my favorite Easter candy! Although I am also very fond of those chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies!

4. My favorite way to cook eggs is scrambled! I also love tea eggs (the Asian snack - in Taiwan they sell them instead of hot dogs at 7-Eleven)!

5. The last time I saw a bunny was in the park near my house! There always seems to be bunnies around there.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this amazing project called "52 Forms of Fungi." Such cool knitting!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Things Friday

This past weekened I celebrated my birthday and I can't begin to tell you how special it was.  I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!  Without them my life would truly not be complete :)  Birthdays are always something I look forward to, whether it be my birthday or someone else's, I always get excited and anxious about it!  Today's FTF is all about birthdays, so there goes:

1.  My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is by having a low key lunch or dinner with my family.  I like just relaxing with them, chatting and eating of course!! Since calories don't count on your birthday ;)

2.  Some of the best birthday presents I've received are the ones I got this year!! I got super lucky and got an ipad mini from my sweetie, a super cool tote hand sewn by EC, oh and beautiful flowers from my cousin and sister.

3.  My favorite type of cake is white cake, with strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting.  It's so light it makes me feel not guilty eating it!

4.  Something that I always do on my birthday is wear at least one new item of clothing and eat as much as I please.  I always feel the need to buy something new to wear for my birthday to start my new birthday year off right!

5.  LOVE (love/hate) birthday decorations because they make eveyrthing seem so festive! I love decorating for everyone's birthday, I think it's a small way to make them feel special all day!

** My favorite thing from around the web this week is this crochet skeleton sculpture, I kinda wish I had one ha!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Things Friday

This morning I was looking at this month's issue of Glamour, and saw that it's supposed to be sort of an "accessory" issue or something. So, this week's FTF is about accessories!

1, An accessory I'm wanting now is hats! I am totally into spring hats right now. 

2. I'm kind of over any winter accessory! I don't even want to buy them even if they're on clearance now - I'm so ready for winter to be over!

3. On a typical day I usually wear earrings, and sometimes if I feel like it I'll throw on a necklace or a bracelet. 

4. Nail polish I'm wearing/going to wear next: a light spring-y green (for St. Patrick's Day)! 

5. If I had to choose one accessory to be stuck on an island with, I'd choose some nice stud earrings probably, since I can't live without earrings and they'd be least likely to get out of the way for trying to survive on an island, I suppose.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is: this robin's egg bird nest ring from Etsy!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Five Things Friday

I am beyond ready for it to be spring.  That is literally all I dream about, I can't stop looking at swimsuits, shorts, sandals and all the other fun attire that you can wear when the sun is out.  I'm so over wearing coats and heavy shoes, so today's FTF is all about Spring, here goes!

1.  For spring break I am going to Orlando with my friends!! It's going to be a blast and I can't wait for May to come along!

2.  I keep wanting to buy swimsuits for spring!  Is it just me or are this years swimsuits way cuter than last years, I keep seeing them everywhere in all sorts of fun patterns like chevron stripes, ombre, polka dots and tribal prints!  I want them all!!

3.  My favorite thing to do in the spring is go running outdoors or go on a bike ride.  The weather here in the PNW has been semi mild this year and it's so wonderful to run or bike outdoors when the air is still crisp and cool.

4.  My favorite thing to eat in the spring is salads and salmon!  I just get in salad mode and want to eat them all the time and usually because of lent I eat more fish during spring time. 

5.  I can tell spring is coming when all the ducks come back!! They come in masses, they are everywhere, at first I think they are pleasant but then they become a total nuisance especially when they leave gifts on my car....

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is these sugar cookies with butter cream frosting, I totally want to make some next week!  Also check this article out, a waitress asks a patron for their ID and gets handed her stolen license, crazy story but totally true!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Things Friday

Today I was admiring my new favorite cup, which I thrifted a couple weeks ago. It has an adorable farm scene on one side, and on the other side there are two duckies strolling and carrying flowers. I love it for drinking tea! Anyway, it made me decide to do some questions about tea this week:

1. My favorite tea is green tea or peppermint green tea. I also like seasonal teas during the appropriate season (such as pumpkin spice for fall), and sometimes even just the packaging sells it for me lol!

2. I usually add nothing (milk/sugar/nothing). I like it plain!

3. Tea is best served in the afternoon and evening (morning/afternoon/evening/anytime). In the morning I always have coffee as a habit, but during the rest of the day I usually have some tea around,

4. A tea I don't care much for is earl grey...I really tried to like it before, so I could be like Captain Picard from Star Trek, but I just don't for some reason!

5. A good snack to have with tea is something crunchy and/or sweet, like a granola bar or some cookies.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is how this physicist proposed to his girlfriend (also a physicist) in paper format. So cute and totally awesome!

Have a super weekend everyone!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Things Friday

A couple of weeks ago my friend let me borrow the book "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer and I have to say it was amazing!  I was sucked in by it and could not put it down, I felt anxious all day at work thinking about the book and how much I needed to finish reading it.  If you liked "The Hunger" games series then you will definitely LOVE this book.  The book is part of a series and the second book "Scarlet" just came out 2-3 weeks ago and it's also really good!  I don't want to give too much detail about the book but here is Amazon's excerpt of it:

"Humans and androids crowd the raucous streets of New Beijing. A deadly plague ravages the population. From space, a ruthless lunar people watch, waiting to make their move. No one knows that Earth’s fate hinges on one girl. . . .

Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. But when her life becomes intertwined with the handsome Prince Kai’s, she suddenly finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle, and a forbidden attraction. Caught between duty and freedom, loyalty and betrayal, she must uncover secrets about her past in order to protect her world’s future. "

The book deals with cyborgs, so I thought I would geek out today's FTF and make it all about futuristic robots and such, so here goes:

1.  If I could have any part of me be robotic I would choose to have robotic eyes!! I hate wearing glasses and since I can't have lasik surgery that would definitely be my number one change.  I would totally want cool eyes though, some that allowed me to browse the internet and such with just a thought!

2.  I would (would/would not) date a cyborg because you never know who you will fall in love with!

3.  I wish I had a android that was my personal assistant!! In the novel Cinder has a household android named IKO and it had the funniest/girliest personality.  I definitely want an outspoken android!

4.  I imagine the future with  flying ships! It would be so much quicker to fly everywhere.

5.  If the government required everyone to have an ID chip implanted on their wrist that would determine where they were at all time and who they were I would be uncomfortable with it.  It would be really convenient because then you don't have to carry ID or credit cards since all that information would be stored on the chip on your wrist but I would hate to lose privacy.  Someone would always know where you are at all times which is creepy to think about!!

**My favorite things from around the web this week is this PINATA CAKE!!  Coolest thing ever, seriously!

I hope today's post wasn't too geeky for ya!!
Have a great weekened everyone!!
P.S.  Sorry for the lack of DIY posts, I'm getting married soon, so all my free time has been devoted to planning that but hopefully I get back into the groove of things again, thanks for being patient!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Five Things Friday

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and some of you might not be into it, but then again some might be! When I was in school I always seemed to have big evening exams that fell on Valentine's Day, if it was a weekday. Maybe those professors were among those who did not like it haha! Anyway, however you feel about it, here are some Valentine's Day related questions for you:

1. My idea of a fun date would be to spend some time outside with my boyfriend, or stay in and make a nice dinner. At least that's what it would be right now! Or if we were talking about the first stages of dating, we would have to be doing some sort of activity on the date - I find just going out to dinner on actual "dates" and trying to make small talk really awkward haha!

2. I wear pink (red/pink) more often. I love both colors! I think I usually wear pink more often, but lately I've kind of been in the mood for red.

3. Favorite romantic/romantic comedy movie? Hmm...I haven't watched a lot of them recently, but I really liked Crazy, Stupid, Love! And shirtless Ryan Gosling is always a plus, right?

4. An awkward dating moment I had was when once I went on a lunch date with someone I had met online who turned out to be nearly 2 feet taller than me. Not that that necessarily means it would never work, but...the guy was nice and we parted on friendly terms, although there was an unspoken mutual agreement that we would never see each other again! 

5. For Valentine's day I prefer to do something relaxing and low-key. It seems like Brian and I have a tradition of exchanging cards and small gifts, he makes this certain shrimp dish for dinner that I really like, and I like to make a heart-shaped cake.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is: What a great way to decorate with a ladder!

Have a great weekend!
I hope you find time to celebrate something you love in your life!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Things Friday

I read these icebreaker questions on line and thought it would fun to make today's FTF icebreaker themed, for those awkward moments at a party where you have nothing to say to the people around you, ha!

1.  If someone's underwear was showing would you tell them? This really depends on the circumstance, if they were wearing jeans and their undies were slightly showing I probably wouldn't bother telling them, also some guys or girls like to show their underwear it you never know if they are doing it on purpose or not.  BUT if they were wearing something like a skirt and their skirt was stuffed in their undies I would definitely tell them!  

2.  If you discovered a new island, what would you name it and way? I would name it DD, in honor of my nickname!  I think it has a nice ring to it, picture it..."I really want to vacation in DD!"

3.  At a movie theater, which armrest is yours? BOTH! Nah, I usually share, I'm not sure which one is "mine" just whichever one is open I suppose. 

4.  What do you think Victoria's secret is? Her age! 

5.   Would you have one of your fingers surgically removed if it guaranteed immunity from all major diseases?  Definitely!! I don't want to get some crazy disease, I rather be fingerless than having to worry about all those diseases!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week are these giant valentine's day posters! I totally want to have one printed and take pictures with it on random streets!  I especially like the star one :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Things Friday

Here in Corvallis this year, a plastic bag ban passed, so at larger stores we have to bring our own reusable bags or pay 5 cents for paper bags. Of course, it is also a good excuse to start hoarding a fun variety of reusable grocery bags. This made me think about bags and purses too, so that's what this week's blanks are about!

1. The bag I'm using right now is a sort of hippie slouch bag with flowers on it - this one in fact. I needed one with a long strap so it wouldn't fall down when wearing all these winter coats! 

2. I prefer (small/medium/big) bags. It depends on my mood, but I usually need medium ones to carry everything I need. I always having to dig around so much to find anything is in really bags too haha!

3. Something I keep in my bag no matter what is chapstick, and spare tampons, lol!

4. What's in my bag: Aside from the items mentioned above: my snake-print wallet, a pouch containing various stores' club/rewards cards, my cellphone charger, a pair of gloves, an umbrella, a pen, and a napkin from Quiznos.

5. A bag on my wishlist is this one I just saw on Pinterest! I'm not sure where it's from, but the lace, the key, the chain...everything about it is so perfect!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is: this amazing snake painting video my dad emailed me lol!

Happy February everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Things Friday

Blast from the past.  I recently finished reading "Ten Years Later" by Hoda Kotb, a definite must read, if I must say!  It follows the lives of 6 individuals and how they survived the most astonishing mishaps.  It's really inspiring and puts things into perspective, we've all been in situations that we feel we can never get out of but eventually and things get better with time.  Based on my love of the book, today's FTF is "Ten Years Later" themed.  Be sure to play a long and link your blog in the comments below, I would love to read some of your Five Things Friday.

1.  Ten years ago I was a senior in high school, I was taking a full load of classes while doing some IB (International Baccalaureate) prep.  I was totally stressing out that I had to take all of my IB exams in the early spring!

2.  What has changed the most about me the last 10 years is how comfortable I am with myself.  I was so awkward and self-conscience in high school.  I feel so comfy in my own skin now and I am definitely less hard on myself.

3.  Something I miss about 10 years ago is not having to work!! It was nice not having any responsibilities :)

4.  If I could go back 10 years I would let my younger self know that you're never going to please everyone, the only person you have to please is yourself. 

5.  Where I want to be in 10 years is married (since I'm getting married later this year, ha!), maybe have 1 child and have a stable consulting business.  BUT, most importantly I just want to be healthy and happy and I wish the same for those around me.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is these inspiration socks! They are so silly but hey who wouldn't want to wear socks with secret inspirational messages.  Picture it: you can be sitting at your desk knowing that inside those shoes are some socks that are routing for you!  I totally want a pair, or hey maybe I can make my own ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Things Friday

This weekend is a 3-day weekend at work for us, for MLK Jr. Day on Monday. There has been stuff all over campus about things to celebrate MLK Jr. Day and other cultural celebration activities. So today's FTF is inspired by cultures - your culture, that is!
1. I (or my parents/ancestors) are from China, although my parents lived most of their lives in Taiwan after leaving China as kids shortly after WWII.

2. Do you speak the language(s) of the above country/countries? I can understand some Mandarin, speak it very poorly, and read/write a little bit.

3. Sometimes people say that I look Japanese or Korean...for some reason people I always think I am Japanese haha!

4. Do you celebrate any holidays from your/your family's country/countries of origin? We don't really celebrate any in a strict sense, although when we were kids my parents used to cook noodles and give us red envelopes on Chinese New Year. We also sometimes eat zhongzi's (sticky rice things wrapped in bamboo leaves) around this one Chinese holiday where everyone eat those things, and moon cakes around the Mid-Autumn Festival time.

5. My favorite foods that come from these place(s) are any sort of dim sum, Beijing roast duck, and weird Chinese dishes that you would not find in most restaurants here but are common in Taiwan and China, such as fish heads, pigs' feet and chicken feet! They are delicious, I swear! OK,..maybe not if you aren't used to them, haha!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this DIY embellished military jacket idea - I like the mixed jewels and how it doesn't look overly bling-y!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Catching Hearts

I don't know about you but I have the Valentine's bug!  I can't get enough of all the valentine's decorations in the store, I'm a sucker for red and pink anything, especially hearts! Below are some fun pics me and EC took this past week to ease our Valentine's Day obsession!

Have a great week everyone!

P.S. I made that heart garland using this tutorial!  It was super easy to make, even for a novice crocheter like myself!



Thursday, January 10, 2013

Five Things Friday

I don't know about you, but I LOVE PIZZA!!  I can have pizza any day, any time, I don't think I could ever get sick of it!  Today's FTF is all about my beloved pizza, here goes:

1.  My favorite pizza place is the downtown American Dream Pizza in Corvallis, Oregon.  It is literally the best pizza ever!  Their crust is crisped just the right amount and they have quality toppings that make the pizza taste that much more delicious. 

2.  My favorite pizza topping(s) is/are ham and pineapple!! I am a sucker for Hawaiian pizza, it's so hard to resist it!

3.  My least favorite topping on pizza is ONION!  If there is onion on my pizza I will not eat it, I won't even pick it out, it just destroys the whole pizza experience for me!

4.  I like to eat my pizza by/with lots of parmesan cheese!! I actually just like to eat parmesan cheese by itself, I'm weird like that but pizza gives me an excuse to pile it on my plate and dip my crust in it,weird right?

5.  My second favorite pizza is either a homemade one made by me or the Papa Murphy's thin crust pizza, it's so thin and light it makes me feel not guilty eating it. 

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this tutorial on how to make heart shaped cupcakes!  I think I'm going to make some this weekend :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Five Things Friday

I hope everyone has had a great New Year! Cold winter weather makes me just want to sit under a blanket and watch a movie. So here are some blanks for you about movies! 

1. The last movie I watched at home was National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation last night. I'm really  not entirely over Christmas yet, to be honest haha! 

2. The last movie I watched in a theater was Les Miserables. It was really good, although the seats were so uncomfortable we didn't even cry during the sad parts! 

3. My favorite thing to eat during a movie is I actually usually don't really like eating during movies - it distracts me and I'm good at multitasking haha! But I like sipping tea or hot chocolate while watching.

4. The genres I like best are chick flicks, funny ones, and fantasy/sci-fi  and like least are horror...I am terrified of any movies that are scary!

5. If I were in a movie, I would probably play someone in a "good" role probably - I don't think I have the personality to play someone "bad" or evil haha!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is I love this retro-looking dress!

Have a great weekend!