Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Sparkly Headband

I've been really into hair accessories lately, can you tell? Especially anything that sparkles.  I saw this great ribbon at a craftstore and decided to buy it and make it into a headband.  My friend E came over and we had a little headband DIY get together last night, it was fun, she is also the model for this post, thx E!!  So here goes, a DIY sparkly headband...

Sparkly Headband!

Things You will Need:

1/2 yard of Sparkly ribbon

3"-5" of black 1/2" elastic. (the amount of elastic you need really depends on how stretchy your sparkly ribbon is, mine was kind of stretchy so I was able to get away with using only 3")

Hot Glue



Step-By-Step How To:

Things you will need.

Close-up of the sparkly ribbon I'm using.

Cut 3" of the elastic.

My ribbon was slightly shorter than 1/2 yard.

Add some hot glue to the elastic.

Place the back side of the ribbon on the elastic.

I glued the elastic about 1/2" in.

Glue the other side of the ribbon on to the elastic and that's it!
Note: Everyone's head is a different size so if this ribbon is too small for you, use a longer elastic, if it is too big cut the sparkly ribbon or the elastic shorter and re-glue.

Now you're ready to wear it!
What are some of your favorite hair accessories?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Animal Print Bow Gloves

It's getting so cold here in Oregon, it feels like winter just snuck up on me!  I pretty much can't leave the house without wearing a sweater, a heavy coat, a scarf and some gloves.  I always feel like my gloves are super bland so my friend E and I decided to spice them up with some animal print bows.  I saw bows on gloves in a number of stores at the mall and decided it would be easy to embellish some of my plain gloves at home.  It's a super quick way to make your gloves look new again, enjoy!

Bow gloves.
They look so sophisticated with their little bow ties!

Things You Will Need:

A pair of gloves

Ribbon (1/2 yard)


Hot Glue

Step-By-Step How To:

Things you will need.

Make the bows!
In order to make the bow I used a youtube tutorial found HERE!!.
Note: You can make any type of bow,
I just really liked the bows in the video above.

Add hot glue to the back of the bow.

Press the bow on the glove where you like it to be placed.
Tip: Try the glove on first and mark lightly with a pen or pencil where you would like the bow to be placed.  If you are not careful the bow may end up to one side, since some gloves stretch more towards one side than others.

That's it! Now it's time to wear them!