Friday, March 29, 2013

Five Things Friday

Since this Sunday is Easter, this week's blanks are likewise about Easter!

1. I usually celebrate Easter by making a ham for dinner, and sometimes dyeing eggs.

2. This year for Easter I am dyeing eggs!

3. Chocolate eggs or marshmallow bunnies? The cadbury eggs are my favorite Easter candy! Although I am also very fond of those chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies!

4. My favorite way to cook eggs is scrambled! I also love tea eggs (the Asian snack - in Taiwan they sell them instead of hot dogs at 7-Eleven)!

5. The last time I saw a bunny was in the park near my house! There always seems to be bunnies around there.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this amazing project called "52 Forms of Fungi." Such cool knitting!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Things Friday

This past weekened I celebrated my birthday and I can't begin to tell you how special it was.  I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life!  Without them my life would truly not be complete :)  Birthdays are always something I look forward to, whether it be my birthday or someone else's, I always get excited and anxious about it!  Today's FTF is all about birthdays, so there goes:

1.  My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is by having a low key lunch or dinner with my family.  I like just relaxing with them, chatting and eating of course!! Since calories don't count on your birthday ;)

2.  Some of the best birthday presents I've received are the ones I got this year!! I got super lucky and got an ipad mini from my sweetie, a super cool tote hand sewn by EC, oh and beautiful flowers from my cousin and sister.

3.  My favorite type of cake is white cake, with strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting.  It's so light it makes me feel not guilty eating it!

4.  Something that I always do on my birthday is wear at least one new item of clothing and eat as much as I please.  I always feel the need to buy something new to wear for my birthday to start my new birthday year off right!

5.  LOVE (love/hate) birthday decorations because they make eveyrthing seem so festive! I love decorating for everyone's birthday, I think it's a small way to make them feel special all day!

** My favorite thing from around the web this week is this crochet skeleton sculpture, I kinda wish I had one ha!
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Things Friday

This morning I was looking at this month's issue of Glamour, and saw that it's supposed to be sort of an "accessory" issue or something. So, this week's FTF is about accessories!

1, An accessory I'm wanting now is hats! I am totally into spring hats right now. 

2. I'm kind of over any winter accessory! I don't even want to buy them even if they're on clearance now - I'm so ready for winter to be over!

3. On a typical day I usually wear earrings, and sometimes if I feel like it I'll throw on a necklace or a bracelet. 

4. Nail polish I'm wearing/going to wear next: a light spring-y green (for St. Patrick's Day)! 

5. If I had to choose one accessory to be stuck on an island with, I'd choose some nice stud earrings probably, since I can't live without earrings and they'd be least likely to get out of the way for trying to survive on an island, I suppose.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is: this robin's egg bird nest ring from Etsy!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Five Things Friday

I am beyond ready for it to be spring.  That is literally all I dream about, I can't stop looking at swimsuits, shorts, sandals and all the other fun attire that you can wear when the sun is out.  I'm so over wearing coats and heavy shoes, so today's FTF is all about Spring, here goes!

1.  For spring break I am going to Orlando with my friends!! It's going to be a blast and I can't wait for May to come along!

2.  I keep wanting to buy swimsuits for spring!  Is it just me or are this years swimsuits way cuter than last years, I keep seeing them everywhere in all sorts of fun patterns like chevron stripes, ombre, polka dots and tribal prints!  I want them all!!

3.  My favorite thing to do in the spring is go running outdoors or go on a bike ride.  The weather here in the PNW has been semi mild this year and it's so wonderful to run or bike outdoors when the air is still crisp and cool.

4.  My favorite thing to eat in the spring is salads and salmon!  I just get in salad mode and want to eat them all the time and usually because of lent I eat more fish during spring time. 

5.  I can tell spring is coming when all the ducks come back!! They come in masses, they are everywhere, at first I think they are pleasant but then they become a total nuisance especially when they leave gifts on my car....

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is these sugar cookies with butter cream frosting, I totally want to make some next week!  Also check this article out, a waitress asks a patron for their ID and gets handed her stolen license, crazy story but totally true!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Things Friday

Today I was admiring my new favorite cup, which I thrifted a couple weeks ago. It has an adorable farm scene on one side, and on the other side there are two duckies strolling and carrying flowers. I love it for drinking tea! Anyway, it made me decide to do some questions about tea this week:

1. My favorite tea is green tea or peppermint green tea. I also like seasonal teas during the appropriate season (such as pumpkin spice for fall), and sometimes even just the packaging sells it for me lol!

2. I usually add nothing (milk/sugar/nothing). I like it plain!

3. Tea is best served in the afternoon and evening (morning/afternoon/evening/anytime). In the morning I always have coffee as a habit, but during the rest of the day I usually have some tea around,

4. A tea I don't care much for is earl grey...I really tried to like it before, so I could be like Captain Picard from Star Trek, but I just don't for some reason!

5. A good snack to have with tea is something crunchy and/or sweet, like a granola bar or some cookies.

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is how this physicist proposed to his girlfriend (also a physicist) in paper format. So cute and totally awesome!

Have a super weekend everyone!