Thursday, November 10, 2011

DIY Sparkly Headband

I've been really into hair accessories lately, can you tell? Especially anything that sparkles.  I saw this great ribbon at a craftstore and decided to buy it and make it into a headband.  My friend E came over and we had a little headband DIY get together last night, it was fun, she is also the model for this post, thx E!!  So here goes, a DIY sparkly headband...

Sparkly Headband!

Things You will Need:

1/2 yard of Sparkly ribbon

3"-5" of black 1/2" elastic. (the amount of elastic you need really depends on how stretchy your sparkly ribbon is, mine was kind of stretchy so I was able to get away with using only 3")

Hot Glue



Step-By-Step How To:

Things you will need.

Close-up of the sparkly ribbon I'm using.

Cut 3" of the elastic.

My ribbon was slightly shorter than 1/2 yard.

Add some hot glue to the elastic.

Place the back side of the ribbon on the elastic.

I glued the elastic about 1/2" in.

Glue the other side of the ribbon on to the elastic and that's it!
Note: Everyone's head is a different size so if this ribbon is too small for you, use a longer elastic, if it is too big cut the sparkly ribbon or the elastic shorter and re-glue.

Now you're ready to wear it!
What are some of your favorite hair accessories?

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  1. I love the headband, it is so cute and easy to make! HAHA in that one picture it looks like the glue gun is going to glue my finger lol!