Friday, June 21, 2013

Five Things Friday

These days all I have on my mind is work and all the stuff I still need to do for my upcoming wedding.  Definitely starting to feel overwhelmed but I can't wait for my wedding day to get here so I can finally relax and see everything I've worked for come together!  I'm sure once it's all over I will find myself with a ton of free time and I can't wait!  Today's post is a bit random, it's about what we do in the shower.....

1.  I usually shower in the morning (morning, afternoon, night, whenever) because it makes me feel like my day is beginning.  I work from home, so keeping up with this morning routine really helps me start my work day at a certain time each day.

2.  I sometimes (always, sometimes, never) sing in the shower.  Why is it that we all sound 100x better singing in the shower??? 

3.  When I'm in the shower I always think about all the things I need to do and how I'm going to do them.  If I have to call someone, have a meeting or need to send out an email I will go through what I will say/write. 

4.  I use liquid (liquid or bar) soap in the shower!  I have both and sometimes I use them both because I just really like soap but I prefer liquid soap!  Mostly because I really like using a bath sponge and the liquid soap works way better with it!

5.  I like to shower with hot (hot/warm/cold) water because I just like the heat!! I only like hot water on my body though, if I'm washing my hair and face I will turn down the temperature to luke warm water. 

**My favorite thing from around the web this week this Mexican Inspired Dinner, it's complete with recipes and DIYs on how to make tortillas, strawberry margarita cupcakes, cutout placemats and drink flags!! Too cute!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. The shower makes everyone sound so good at singing haha!! Omg I always think about thing I need to do in the shower too, so silly! It's a lot funner to use the sponge! I don't know how people can stand cold showers - I've tried a couple times but could not do it!

    Omg that Mexican dinner thing is soo cute!! It would be so cool to do some of that for a birthday or something!