Saturday, July 6, 2013

Five Things Friday

Sorry this post is a little late but this week has been so confusing!  Days off in the middle of the week always mess with my schedule but I welcome them all the same :)  Lately I've been seeing a lot of news articles that deal with e-mail habits and what they say about your personality.  They analyze all sorts of things like if you respond to e-mails immediately, how many unread messages you have in your inbox, how organized your inbox is, how many e-mails you send out per day, what content you are e-mailing, and the list goes on!  Today researchers want to analyze everything and everything, which brings us to today's FTF which is all about your mail habits!
1.  I prefer to respond to my e-mails throughout the day (immediately/throughout the day/when I feel like it/never), I guess it really depends what the message is about and who I am responding too.  If it's something I can leave off for a day or two I will but if it's something that needs immediate attention I respond immediately or at least within the same day.

2.  I do not like (like/don't like) to have any unread messages in my inbox, I HATE IT!!   I need to delete them or mark them as read asap!!

3.  I am (am/am not) an e-mail hoarder.  I admit it, I am a digital file hoarder.  I can't seem to delete anything because I feel that at some point I will reference that 10 year old file or e-mail, it's a disease I tell ya!

4.  It's more exciting getting snail mail (an e-mail/snail mail),  I get e-mails all day, everyday, but snail mail is special, it's so sporadic and tangible I love it!

5.  The longest I have been without checking my e-mail has been 3-4 days and this only happens when I'm out of the country where I have limited or no internet access!!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this article on Professor Snape Doing Ordinary Things. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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