Friday, May 31, 2013

Five Things Friday

Aren't you guys glad today really is Friday?  I was so confused yesterday thinking it was Friday, especially when TGIF pictures kept popping up on my instragram.  All day I felt I was checking the calendar to make sure it was still indeed Thursday and I wasn't being delusional.  Short work weeks always confuse me!  Anyway, recently a good friend of mine had a rock climbing accident and last night when I went out with her, her knee definitely looked a little off so she has to go in and get it checked.  Hopefully it isn't anything too terrible but this will be her second major injury.  So her injury prompted today's FTF theme, here goes:

1.  I have broken no bones, thankfully (knock on wood!).  I'm sure it must be painful!

2.  The worst injury I had as a kid was when I was in the 2nd I went on a field trip to the coast, we went to a rocky beach and I slipped and tried to hold on to a rock that was full of muscles!  My hand was totally butchered by the muscles, I had tons of slits.  I remember the teacher had to take me back to the school bus, open up the first aid kit and clean off my hand.  Other than that I had no major injuries, just the usual cuts and bruises!  I wasn't very rambunctious and didn't play any sports (I am extremely uncoordinated), I was a safe kid! 

3.  The worst injury I had as an adult is whiplash from a bad car accident!  I had to go to therapy for it and get some chiropractic work done.  Not to mention all the bruising I had, terrible I tell ya!

4. The worst thing about being injured is not being able to exercise! I love to exercise, so when I slightly hurt my knee or my back hurts and I can't workout it totally bums me out.  Especially in the summer time when I love to run outdoors and go on bike rides.

5.  The best part about being injured is the attention.  My parents and my fiancee totally spoil me :)

**My favorite things from around the web this week is this sloth journal, I'm totally getting this for work once my current notebook runs out!

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  1. I hope I don't break any bones either! Ahh the rock cutting thing sounds terrible, tons of slits!! Ugh having whiplash and bruising sounds so awful! I hate not being able to exercise when I'm injured too! Although once I'm not injured anymore I don't think about exercising as much lol! It's kind of fun getting some extra attention lol!!

    Omg that sloth journel is soo adorable!! Kristin Bell would love it too haha!