Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

I've seen a lot of different types of picture frame jewelry holders on-line, some made with ribbon, cork board, and some with wire.  They are such a cute fun way to display your jewelry, I decided to make one for my room.  I love looking at my jewelry being displayed, it encourages me to wear it more often :) Anyway it was super easy and cheap to make this small jewelry holder and no glue was needed!
Picture Frame Jewelry Holder
Things You Will Need:

Picture Frame **You can use any size you want, the one I made was 4"x6" but you can definitely make it bigger, I'm actually tempted to make a larger one myself
Ribbon  (enough of it to tie around the picture frame)
Paper (enough to cover the back of the picture frame)

Step-By-Step How To:

Things you will need.
Take apart the frame.  You will not need the glass during this project so you can just set it aside.
Tie the ribbon around the frame.
I tied the extra ribbon around the frame.

Trace the back of the frame on to a piece of paper.
Cut the paper out!
Place the paper on the back of the frame.

Put the frame back together again (minus the glass).

This is what the finished product looks like.  If you use a larger frame you can add more ribbon lines so it can hold more jewelry.

Hang up your jewelry and enjoy!
 What are some fun craft projects you like to do?

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