Monday, April 7, 2014

Le Kale Project

I've finally caught the kale bug...

I have to admit when I was younger I disliked kale.  I thought it was such an odd tough vegetable.  My mom would add it to our soups and salads and I would swallow it down only because I had to.  As I grew older I took kale out of my diet up until a few weeks ago, when I had the most amazing kale salad at my parents.  The ingredients were simple, just kale, some sweet peppers, balsmic viniagrette and freshly grated parmesan cheese.   As I ate the salad I forgot why I had disliked kale so much all of these years.

Immediately after that I headed out to buy me some kale! I haven't regret it since.  I bake it, I eat it in salads, I put it in my soup or just snack on it plain.  I can't get enough.  Even though my husband is impartial to the vegetable I think he'll be seeing around our household a lot.

I ran across "Le Kale Project" a few weeks ago, who knew kale was lost in France!


1 comment:

  1. Omg I LOVE kale!! That's such an interesting project - I had no idea kale wasn't so common over there!

    Have you tried Jo's kale chips recipe? They're my favorite!

    I must try a kale salad like that! It sounds so delicious!!