Friday, May 30, 2014

Oahu, Part 3

On the last leg of our trip we visited Pearl Harbor, did a ton of snorkeling, hiked up to Diamond Head and ate frozen treats.  It was such a fun trip and I can't wait to go back!

Me and the famous Crossroads of the Pacific Sign.  Apparently back in the day all the boys in uniform would take a picture with this sign to send back home :)

Remnants of the sunken USS Arizona.  It was so interesting to see the sunken ship where it sunk in 1941.  In the picture above you see parts of the ship poking out of the water in all it's rusted glory. 

The memorial.  A ferry takes you out to the memorial that sits right above the USS Arizona.  If you stare down below you can see the ship.
The inside of the Memorial is all open and at the very end there is a room with names of the men who died aboard the ship.

Red, white and blue. Memorial from a different angle.

Snow Ice from Frost City.  When we told everyone we were going to Hawaii they raved about the Shaved Ice but I'm so glad our friend Eileen introduced us to SNOW ICE.  Hands down one of the best frozen desserts I have ever had.  They shave ice cream and pile it up like the picture you see above and garnish it with fruit, mochi and jellies.  It is AMAZING, super light, refreshing and fluffy (yes, fluffy)!  This dessert is definitely a must!!

Of course we also had to try the Shave Ice at Matsumoto.  They had a bunch of wonderful tropical flavors.  The big difference between this and a regular snowcone is you have the option to add condensed milk to it, which makes it very creamy and yummy once you get to the bottom half of it.

North Shore, I love all the rock formations

Turtle Bay Resort

North Shore

I love me some fruit!  Had to stop by the fruit stand to get some delicious goodies.

Hanauma Bay.  We stopped by to snorkel here one day, it was well worth it! Beautiful and clean but a very busy location so you definitely need to get here early to make it worthwhile.

Angry snorkel faces.  What!?

Highlight of my snorkeling experience, a TURTLE!!

We also went to a luau, it was pretty cool.  We made lei bracelets, had drinks, delicious food and watched a cool show.

Loved driving through here.

Beautiful Views.

View of the city from Diamond Head.

Diamond head.  Can you see the crater!?  Pretty cool it was formed from a volcanic eruption over 300,000 years ago.  

Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon on Waikiki

Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon on Waikiki
Aaaaaand, that's it, hope you enjoyed these!  Feels good to finally post these after almost a year!!


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  1. Haha you took a picture with the sign for us! The Memorial looks like a cool building. Omg the SNOW ice sounds so good, I wish they had that here so I could try it! Haha the snorkel faces! It's so cool that you saw the turtle! everyone looks so happy at the luau! The views are so pretty!