Monday, June 9, 2014

Dog Mountain

My husband and I have really gotten into hiking lately.  My husband hates working out and has a bad knee so working out together usually involves me running while he rides his bike behind me.  It's silly and I always get mad at the end of my run when we says he is tired...when clearly I was the one who was working hard!  Our first hike was Multnomah falls and since then we have been doing a hike every weekend and we love it! It's such a great activity for us to do together and to explore and get the most out of this beautiful state we live in.  This week my goal is to invest in some good hiking boots!  Anyhow, this weekend we hiked Dog Mountain with my friend Leslie.  

Dog Mountain is located in Washington and offers a beautiful view of the gorge.  During this time of year the wildflowers at the top of the mountain are in bloom and it literally looks like a scene from the sound of music.  The hike wasn't super long (3.8 miles up and 3.7 miles down) but it was extremely steep so it did require some endurance.  Also, the top of the mountain was quite windy and dusty since you don't have the shelter of the trees.  The very top has a great spot where you can picnic and have lunch with a gorgeous view of the gorge.  It was such an incredibly beautiful hike, even though it was tough getting up there it was so worth it!  Hope you enjoy the pics my husband took!

"The hills are alive, with the sound of music....."

This picture is my favorite, do you see Mt. Hood in the background?

Have a great Monday everyone!


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  1. It looks so beautiful there!! It totally looks like the sound of music haha! I'm glad you guys had a good time!