Monday, June 16, 2014

Rooster Rock

The Rooster Rock trail is on Highway 20 going into Santiam Pass. A long time ago, there used to be a fire lookout atop Rooster Rock, the tallest crag in the area. The lookout is gone now, but you can still find some of the torn-apart ruins scattered around the base of the rock. I also did my very first climb ever at Rooster Rock!

Hiking the trail itself is quite a workout (I think so at least!) but I like to do it every year. My favorite thing about this forest is how un-busy it is - you can usually feel pretty alone in the woods there. I was also hoping to see the rhodies in bloom, since I missed it last time!

Unfortunately today, although the weather forecast said 20% chance rain - which almost always ends up meaning sunny and gorgeous - it ended up pouring rain once I reached the top, so there wasn't too much to do except come right back down! On the plus side, that ensured it wasn't terribly hot. So it was still a good hike!

Rhodies in bloom!

Plenty of slugs hiking (sliding?) the trail today!
Another hiker!
Some interesting tiny orange stuff!

Although Rooster Rock itself is tricky to capture in a picture once you reach it,
Hen Rock can be seen near Rooster Rock.
Reward for reaching the top!
It started raining hard!
Forest fog
A deer sighting!
Glad to have made it back!

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