Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Things Friday

All the warm weather we've been having this week makes me feel sleepy! I am also one of those people who can usually remember what they dreamed about when they wake up in the morning. What about you? Hopefully you can remember a few, since this week's blanks are all about dreams!

1. The last dream I can remember is that everybody in our lab was going to a conference and had to share one big hotel room, and we were all fighting over who could use the bathroom first. The bathroom had two toilets in it, but obviously no one really wanted to take advantage of that!!

2. The silliest dream I can remember is most recently, one where I was getting married to Brian in a church, and he was wearing tennis shoes instead of dress shoes. I demanded that the priest stop the wedding until Brian changed his shoes to something more appropriate! (I know I had this dream because I was determined that Brian NOT wear his tennis shoes to our friend's wedding last weekend!)

3. A nightmare I once had was when I was 5 or 6, I dreamt that I was locked in a dark room with a skull and crossbones sign on it that said "Poison," and the room started filling with poisonous gas. That really scared me when I was little - I imagined that I'd wake up and that would be happening!

4. A dream someone else had that I was in was one Diana had where Brian was set on buying me a really weird, science fiction-y engagement ring haha!

5. Sometimes a dream wakes me up by making me laugh - if someone in the dream tells a really funny joke, occasionally I wake up from laughing out loud, and then I still think the joke was super funny for a few minutes after waking up, but then I usually fall asleep again and forget it. I also once had a dream where I got a bunch of dust in my mouth and spat it out, and I woke up because I actually tried to spit in my sleep lol!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is: this makes me wish I had an upstairs with a balcony!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. That's so funny you wake up laughing!! That has never happened to me before! It would be so awful sharing a room with all those lab people!

    As a man, Brian must NOT wear the tennis shoes to your wedding.

    Oh gosh I can't believe you had such a scary dream when you were so little!!

    The balconies are so fun I want one now!!