Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DIY Star Shorts

I have totally been lusting over these Current/Elliot Start Printed Shorts but I definitely did not want to spend that much money on them so I sought out to make my own pair!  I'm super glad I did the total cost of the shorts ended up being about $15 and they only took about 1 hour to make.  I'm tempted to stamp stars on a t-shirt or some tote bags, ahh the possibilities are endless!!

DIY Star Printed Shorts

Things You Will Need:

A pair of shorts with plain pockets (I bought mine at Old Navy for $10, they are the Diva shorts, see here)

White fabric paint

Star Stamp


Masking tape

A cutting board or book

Step-By-Step How To: 


Star stamp

Fabric Paint

This paint goes a long way so place a little bit on a tray or a disposable plate like I did here.

Use a brush to apply it to your stamp that way the star is evenly coated with a thin coat of paint.

Stamp it on your denim!

And viola! A star is born ;)

For the stars to turn out more even place a cutting board underneath the area you are stamping.

If you only want a portion of the star to show up on the edges, line the edge you do not want stamped with masking tape prior to stamping a star on to the area.

Stamp it!

Lightly fill in any areas that were not covered by the stamp.

Partial stars.  Continuing stamping until you are satisfied with the number of stars on your shorts.
Star shorts! Front view.

Back view.
That's all there is to it!! I can't wait to wear these tomorrow for the 4th of July!!

Have a great 4th of July everyone!



  1. These are soo awesome!! You did such a good job with the stamping, the stars look so even and professional!!

  2. just found this on pinterest. Thanks so much! I found a pair like this at the mall, but my wallet couldn't handle it. Totally doing this diy!