Friday, September 14, 2012

Five Things Friday

This week has felt so odd somehow.  Wednesday felt like Thursday and today does not feel like Friday, maybe it's because last week was a 4 day week.  Oh well, whatever the reason, I'm glad it's Friday!!  Now that the summer is officially coming to an end, I feel like I'm finally getting to wind down, so today's Five Things Friday is all about relaxation.

1.  My favorite way to relax is by spending time at home and reading, whether it's a book, magazine or blogs on my kindle.  Reading anything helps me wind down.

2.  A scent that makes me relax is lavender but in the fall the smell of pumpkin spice candlea makes me relax.  Sometimes I light it before bedtime so my room smells like autumn.

3.  My favorite relaxation food is tea + a piece of chocolate.  Somehow this combo makes me sleepy.

4.  When I'm sore after a long work out or a long day at work I take a bath!! It always helps soothe my muscles.

5.  My favorite person to relax with is my fiance.  I always feel 100% comfortable when I'm with him so it's easy to feel relaxed.  I love just watching TV with him and napping, he's so warm and comfy, I can nap on him forever!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this fall inspired almond bark!! It seems super easy to make and very Halloween-y!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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  1. Reading always makes me feel so relaxed! I never get tired of the smell of pumpkin spice. Tea always makes me sleepy too! A bath sounds so nice...I can't wait until we have a non-gross bathroom so I can have one again haha!

    Oh that almond bark looks sooo neat!! It's so fall-y and cute!