Thursday, December 13, 2012

Five Things Friday

Seeing as I'm heading up north today, I decided to make today's blanks all about this chilly weather we are having here in Oregon.  So here goes and don't forget to play along:

1.  During the winter the best way to relax is by having some hot chocolate, snuggle under a blanket read a book or watch TV, preferrably anything Christmas themed! I'm a sucker for Christmas movies!

2.  When it's cold all I want to wear is a vest of any kind, a hat, wool socks and a scarf, and yes I wear these things even when I'm at home!  My house is so cold!

3.  Something weird I do that keeps me warm is when I wear dresses or skirts in the winter I double up on tights! It makes a HUGE difference and it not only keeps you warm and cozy but it also makes black tights appear super dark.

4.  Something weird I crave during the winter is ice cream.  I know that sounds weird, and you must be thinking why would she crave ice cream during cold winter months, but seriously ice cream sometimes is that perfect balance even if it's cold outside ice cream just tastes so good and it reminds me of summer.

5.  What I love the most about the cold weather is all the accessories, sweaters and coats one gets to wear.  During the end of the summer I long to wear my coats, hats and scarves and towards the end of the winter I am totally fed up with all the clothes!  Right now I'm in my loving winter stage :)

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this DIY Mountain pillow, how cute would that look on your bed or sofa?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Now that you mention hot chocolate I am going to make some haha! Haha i didn't know you wear double tights sometimes lol!! I must try it! Haha that is so silly that you crave ice cream, it always makes my insides so cold! Winter accessories are so much fun right now!

    OH the DIY mountain pillow, where is the link? I am so curious to see it now haha!

    1. Oh here is the mountain pillow link!!

      You must see it!!

  2. OH those are so cool!!! I totally want some haha!