Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Things Friday

Christmas is just around the corner - I feel like it was only just Thanksgiving! I'm definitely excited to celebrate the holidays...what about you?

1. This year for the holidays I am going to visit my parents on Christmas. On Sunday I am also going to exchange presents with Diana and watch Christmas movies!

2. A holiday tradition I have is buying an advent calendar from Trader Joe's - they are so fun and the chocolates are so delicious, and can't be beat at $1! Although this year I heard they are sold out at the Trader Joe's in town :(

3. My favorite holiday song is: "All I Want for Christmas!"

4. My favorite holiday movie is: so many to choose from! Every year I usually watch at least a couple of the following: Elf, Love Actually, The Nightmare Before Christmas (although usually more around Halloween time), and The Polar Express.

5. All I want for Christmas (or another holiday) is to spend time relaxing! I'm lucky not to have a job requiring me to work on Christmas day. Oh, and a little snow would be nice (for decorative purposes only)!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is these wintery snowflake nails!

Happy holidays everyone and safe travels!

1 comment:

  1. I love those snowflake nails! I can't wait to exchange presents and watch x-mas movies, this will be a totally Christmas weekend! "All I want for Christmas" is one of my favorite songs too, sometimes I listen to it off season, lol! I'm so sad about the Trader Joe's Advent Calendars people were so hungry for them!! The Polar Express is such a cute movie!