Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Things Friday

I can't believe the new year will be here in just a few short days.  As I get older each year seems to go by more quickly, today's FTF is all about new years, here goes:

1.  The best thing about 2012 was...this may sound lame but my job!  This was the first year where I actually felt productive and capable of being an actual engineer! haha

2.  Next year I am looking forward to getting married with my best friend!  After being engaged for a little over a year I'm excited to finally tie the knot!

3.   A resolution I have for next year is to be on a super tight shopping budget until my b-day.  I do this New Year's challenge every year and I find it to be super beneficial, I actually might extend it a bit more further out than my b-day this upcoming year.   This year I might give myself $50 to spend on clothes/shoes/accessories every month for 3-4 months and see how I handle it!

4.  I celebrate New Years by I usually have an end of the year dinner then just watch the NYC ball drop on TV, but sometimes I get super sleepy and just fall asleep before midnight.   I never do anything special for New Years.

5.  This year I will be celebrating the New Year by........I still don't know what I'm doing but like I said in #4 I never do anything special >.<!!

**My favorite thing from around the web this week is this DIY vase, I kinda want to make it for my room.

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy New Year!


  1. This year seems to have gone by so fast! You had so many new experiences with your job this year, I was so impressed whenever I heard about them haha! It will be nice when you two finally are married, I am excited for you guys! Sometimes there's no better way to celebrate New Year's than just sitting around relaxing haha!

    Oh that is such a cool vase! and looks like it would be easy to make haha!

  2. I forgot to mention, your challenges are always seem so challenging! but you are always so good at keeping them haha!