Friday, June 15, 2012

Five Things Friday

Can you believe it's mid-June already? In honor of the upcoming Father's Day this weekend, this week's blanks are dad-themed!

1. My favorite things to do with my dad are camping, going on trips, and going on bike rides when we were kids. We always associated my dad with fun things, haha.

2. Some things my dad likes to do are going on walks, traveling, classical music (especially opera haha), trying new kinds of foods, and reading the newspaper. When he was still working, he would play tennis with his co-workers sometimes too.

4. My dad has a job as a civil engineer, before he retired - he worked on light-rails for Tri-Met in Portland for a long time, and then became a consultant for a different engineering company before retiring. 

5. When I was a teenager, my dad embarrassed me by talking too loudly in public, eating messily in restaurants, and opening snacks with crinkly wrappers in movie theaters.

5. This year we are celebrating Father's Day by sending a card, visiting my parents soon and making banana bread for them.

6. Favorite thing from around the web this week: I love the cards this shop on Etsy sells. This card would be so cute for Valentine's Day!

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day! 

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