Friday, June 22, 2012

Striped Picnic Blanket

After seeing this amazing chevron striped picnic blanket from Twig & Thistle I decided to make one since I really really wanted to go on a picnic.  The blanket was pretty easy to make and EC and I even took it on a test run and it worked perfectly.  It took me about 3 hours to make and I opted for a regular striped design instead.  These blankets would make great birthday or Christmas gifts don't you think?

Striped Picnic Blanket

Thing You'll Need: 

Fabric Drop Cloth from Home Depot (I used the one recommended in Twig & Thistle and it works great)

Painters Tape

Paint Roller

Fabric Paint, this is the type and color I used, I used 2 of the large  bottles since the stripes I made were really big, so how much you need really depends on your design.



Step-By-Step How To: 

Mark the design you want to make with a pencil and a ruler!

Outline the design in painters tape.

Get your paint ready on your roller tray, oh and don't forget to lay down a piece of plastic so you don't get fabric paint all over the place!

Get some paint on that roller!

Start painting your blanket, don't forget to stay within the tape.  The canvas has a plastic lining underneath so it soaks up a lot of paint so I recommend not placing too much pressure on your roller. 

Let your blanket dry overnight, once it's dry remove the painters tape!

Ready to use!! 
Also, you might try using fabric spray paint instead of the regular fabric paint.  Using fabric spray paint might be easier but if you do use it be sure to cover up all the areas you do not want paint on since it's much harder to control where the paint spreads.  

Also my massage therapist suggested that you could even make a picnic blanket with your initials, isn't that the cutest idea?  You could even make a blanket with a giant anchor on it to use at the beach!  So many possibilities!

Picnics are so much fun!! I will have to write a picnic how-to post soon.  EC and I had the best time picnicking!! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!


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  1. The picnic blanket turned out so well! It's such a cool blanket. I can't wait to go picnic-ing again!