Friday, June 22, 2012

Five Things Friday

I've sort of been busy wedding planning this week.  I found out that the florist I wanted was already booked for my wedding date.  CRAZY RIGHT!? My wedding is 13 months away and people are already girls just know which vendor they are going to use and automatically book them when they get engaged??  I feel so new to this whole wedding planning business and it's definitely overwhelming at times, it make me just want to elope or something.

Anyway it's time for Five Things Friday and I've decided to make today's theme about flowers!

  1. I love (love/hate/impartial/allergic) flowers because their bright colors make me feel happy.  
  2. I am impartial to (love/hate/impartial/allergic) the smell of flowers.  I'm just not a big fan of the smell of flowers, sometimes they are just too sweet smelling but I love their appearance. 
  3. My favorite flowers are tulips because they are so proper looking. 
  4. My least favorite flowers are marigolds because they remind me of something dying. 
  5. My favorite wild/weed flowers are buttercups.  I remember when I was little I use to pick buttercups and place them on my chin and nose so that they would temporarily be dyed yellow. 
**My favorite thing from around the web this week are these robin egg nails and this hairstyle minus the bangs.  I tried something similar to the robin eggs on my nails this week and I loved how it looked and even received some compliments on it!
Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Gosh I can't believe how far in advance people book things for weddings. I love tulips, they look so proper! That's so silly that you dyed yourself with the buttercups lol!!

    The robin egg nails are so cool! I love the bun LC posted about too!!