Friday, October 12, 2012

Five Things Friday

What are you afraid of?  Since Halloween is right abound the corner, I thought I would make today's FTF all about fears!  So here goes!   Oh yeah, be sure to play along and link us to your blog in the comments so we can read your FTF!

1.  I get scared easily (easily/sometimes/never).  Sometimes even being alone in my house freaks me out, especially when the house makes weird noises!

2.  The biggest fear I have is driving in harsh weather (especially snow, hail, or freaky wind storms).  I had a terrible accident several years ago and I literally have a panic attack when the weather is crazy and I'm driving.  I grip the wheel so hard that by the time I get home my hands hurt!

3.  Something I am afraid of but can tolerate is/are big dogs!  I'm not afraid of little dogs but when a large dog (golden retriever size or greater) approaches me, I freeze up and need to remind myself to continue to act normal.

4.  When I was a child I was scared of germs!  I was such a germophobe when I was a kid, I would constantly wash my hands, ha!

5.  When I'm scared, something I do to make myself feel better is call my fiance!  He can usually talk me through whatever I'm panicking about!

 **My favorite thing from around the web this week is this how-to video on how to make cupcakes with a secret message inside!  Aren't these super cute?  They would be so fun to give out at a birthday party or get together.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Ugh I hate being at home by myself (usually!)...the smallest noises always startle me! Bad weather is so scary to drive in, I'm always afraid I'll get into an accident in it. That is so silly that you were a germaphobe when you were little, kids usually don't seem to care about germs at all haha!

    Omg what an adorable video about the cupcakes!! That is such an awesome idea. It was funny seeing the MAN-hands opening the cupcake that said "You're cool" haha!