Wednesday, October 3, 2012

DIY Halloween Potion Bag

I feel like I've been in the Halloween mood since mid-September!  I made this bag for EC's birthday, she is really into the Halloween jars with fun labels so I thought a Halloween themed gift bag would be the perfect addition.  This bag literally took me like 5 minutes to make, the hardest part was probably deciding which label to use! 

Things You Will Need: 

paper shopping bag or a gift bag will work too (yay for recycling, ha!)

glue stick

scissors or a paper cutter

black paper

Halloween potions and bottle labels I printed mine from this website:

Step-By-Step How To: 

Gather your supplies and cut out your labels!

Make sure you cut the backing big enough to cover any sign or image on your bag.

Cut your potion labels and black paper

Apply some glue on the potion label

Paste it on the black backing you created, make sure it is centered!

Now glue it one on each side of the back and that's it!!

That's all there is to it!  This bag would be great to decorate your house for Halloween, you can place fun jars or black flowers inside or you can use it to place a gift inside like I did.

I hope you guys are having a great October so far!


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  1. I love the bag you made!! It was such a perfect bag to make it out of. That's so cool that the labels are printable!! I can't wait to make some jars!