Thursday, November 22, 2012

Five Things Friday

Since Thanksgiving was yesterday and today is "Black Friday" I figured today's Five Things Friday could be a mash up of both, so here goes!

1.  My favorite part about Thanksgiving is how low key the day is.  I love how you get to spend it with family, eating and just relaxing :)

2.  A tradition my family has on Thanksgiving is we always eat turkey sandwiches.  I'm from El Salvador and turkey is eaten in sandwiches with Salsa and a bunch of veggies and a sauerkraut like slaw.   So every year for Thanksgiving we always have turkey sandwiches we never have any side dishes!

3.  I always (always/never/sometimes) go Black Friday shopping.  I'm not like a crazy Black Friday shopper but I like to go out that day and buy cheap PJ's and sometimes just random things.

4.  This year for Black Friday I will probably go to Macy's with my Mom she loves going there on Black Friday and I always go with her!

5.  This year I am thankful for my fiancee for being so patient and loving with me, my parents who always support me in anything I do, my sisters for gifting me with my amazing nephews and nieces, my friends who are always there to listen and share laughs with, my cousins for always making me smile, my aunts and uncles for always thinking of me, my grandmothers for being such strong women and for all the new people I encounter who are always so kind.

** My favorite things from around the web this week is these pie crust cookies, they look kinda amazing, ha!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy shopping!

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  1. I love how Thanksgiving is so relaxing! The turkey sandwiches sounds so good, it makes me hungry for one now! Macy's always seems to have such good stuff, I hope you guys find a lot of good deals! Your family and John are so great and they are lucky to have you in their life too!

    Omg those pie crust cookies look soo delicious! Haha this year my dad loved the pie crust on the pie they got so much, he wanted to eat all the crust while it was still warm and crisp and save the filling for later, but my mom wouldn't let him lol!!