Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Things Friday

This week I feel like I've been having especially good things to eat. I went out more than usual and had a lot of delicious food in restaurants, too. So this week's blanks are all about...dinner!

1. My favorite kind of food to eat at a restaurant is: anything that I wouldn't usually be able to make at home, such as fancy Chinese or Italian food. I also like buffets every now and then - it's fun being able to try so many different things at once!

2. When I'm really hungry and want something quick, my go-to restaurant is: La Rocha on 9th street - Brian and I always get a super grande burrito and each eat half. It's such an enormous burrito and so good!

3. A bad restaurant experience I had was at: I've never had a terrible experience, but I didn't really like Terminus, which DD and I tried for Culinary Week this year - it seemed like the dish was full of random ingredients thrown together, and it wasn't even that tasty!

4. A dish that I am great at making is: sauteed chicken breasts with mustard cream sauce (from my Martha Stewart recipe book). It's simple, quick and something I can always make easily!

5. While eating dinner at home, I usually sit on the couch with Brian and watch an episode of whatever TV show we're currently into (right now it's Buffy). It would be nice to sit at a table and eat like a normal person sometimes, but Brian's stuff is usually all over our table being in the way!

My favorite thing from around the web this week is: these cute little stuffed plants! I especially like the succulent ones...I just want to squeeze their stuffed fabric leaves!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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  1. Omg those stuffed plants are one of my favorites this week too!! They are so adorable! I love buffets too, especially Chinese buffets, lol! Oh gosh I still need to try La Rocha, Terminus was SO bad, their food gave me a tummy ache! The Martha Stewart book has so many good recipes, I love it!