Thursday, August 2, 2012

DIY Polka-Dot Shirt

I was totally inspired by the j.crew fall clothing line when making this shirt.  I have been seeing polka-dots everywhere so I decided to make my own with a plain white t-shirt, some gold fabric paint and a round sponge.  The shirt took me less than a hour to make, it's such a fun top I can definitely see myself wearing this now and during fall.

Things You Will Need: 

Fabric Paint - I used gold paint but you can  use any color you wish

Sponge on a stick 3/4"

White t-shirt - I bought this one at wal-mart for $5.58, there is a similar one here.

Hard board

Paper Plate

Paint Brush (optional)

Step-By-Step How To: 

Gather your supplies!

Close-up of paint and sponge.

Place some paint on a little paper plate and dab the sponge in it, make sure the sponge is not drenched in paint.  The layer of paint on the sponge should be thin.

Place the cutting board/hard board underneath the area you will be working.  Next, firmly press down the sponge on the t-shirt.  Another thing I did is that I twisted the sponge around as I was firmly pressing it down on the shirt, this helped my dots came out nice and round.

Now you have a dot!

Continue to add dots until the whole shirt is covered in polka-dots.
If you need to fix the edges of the dots use a paint brush to touch them up, this guarantees much rounder dots.

Let dry for a couple of hours or until the paint is completely dry!  Now you are ready to wear it!


  1. This is such a great idea for a white tee!! I love how you spaced the dots out like that! The gold paint is such a cool color too! I'm going to try this soon!

  2. I LOVE your cute polka dot tee! I refashioned a t-shirt with big handmade polka dots, {} but now I'll have to make one with small ones too. Gotta get me one of those round sponge sticks!

    1. Thx Shannon! I love the t-shirt you make with the big polka dots, such a cute and fun idea!